Mt. Fuji area

futta1142m Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain and a symbol of Japan. Fuji 5 Lake area is very nice point to see beautiful Mt. Fuji and enjoy nature around. You can choose 3-4 places to go and we take public transportation. Depending on what you feel and the weather, a guide can change the route and plan.


– Mt Kachikachi Ropeway: enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji, fine views of the lake, and the sea of trees.

– Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine: the oldest shrine on Mt. Fuji built in 699. World Cultural Heritage site.

– Iyashino sato on Lake Sai: Traditional Japanese Village. Guests can join workshops or wearing Kimono or armor.

– Jukai, the Sea of Trees: stunning views of the primeval forest

– Fugaku Wind Cave: surrounded by the sea of the tree and you can see lava shelves, rope-like lava, and ice pillars that do not melt even in summer.

– Boat ride on Lake Kawaguchi: enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from the Lake

– Muse Museum: exhibits about 100 works of doll maker Mr. Atae Yuki,

whose distinctive methods produced a delicacy of expressions on the

faces of his dolls.
– Ichiku Kubota Art Museum: you can feel the world of Kubota Itchiku, the artist who revived the Tsujigahana silk dyeing for Kimono.

– Hoto noodles: typical local food in Kawaguchi Lake

and more