Casual Interpretation Service (for resident)

prayer-closeDon’t you have trouble understanding Japanese when you buy things at shops, plan travel, get letters in Japanese from a ward office? This is a service Kaori will help something you feel difficult or cannot do in Tokyo. You can use this service from 1 hour.

Price: 1,000/JPY per hour + transportation fee from Akasaka station  (+drink fee only when we meet at cafe)

Payment: Cash

Who can use : Only women living in Tokyo

Place: 23 wards in Tokyo.  your home, cafe , fast food shop, park, supermarket or ..

Example of service:

-Shopping at a supermarket with you, translate English/Japanese of indication of food, or explain about Japanese food

-Interpreting the negotiation with moving companies and get better price

-Translate website or letter from your children’s school, city you live, etc

-Research (online and phonecall) about shops you need to go but cannot get enough information in English or your language

**We do not do  medical translation with professional words. Rate for business interpretation is different. Please contact us.

How to use:

1. Please fill in the form below     2. We reply you and fix the schedule  3. Meet at a place we decide by email and start service 4. please pay fee when we finish (you can get a receipt )


Kaori Mizuno. a fully Certified Guide Interpreter by Japanese Government. Living in Tokyo. Studied at Sophia University and University of Georgia in the U.S. Did internship in London. Managing cosmetic company and Field Trip+.  Speak Japanese and English.kaori150_165


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what you want Kaori to do, where, when (ex. I want you to go to the supermarket with me and translate about food at Maruetsu in Akasaka at 11:00-12:00 on June 1st. )