Kamakura, Samurai City

Photo 3-11-27 H, 14 36 02 Kamakura was the ancient capital of Japan and now a major day trip spot both for Japanese and foreign tourists. In most tours guide and guests meet at Kamakura but we start our tour in Tokyo so you do not need to worried about transportation from/to Tokyo!  


Great Buddha : the second largest Buddha in Japan and surprisingly it is located in open air.

–  Hase temple : famous for flowers especially hydrangea so you can enjoy various flowers in season. There are also many interesting Budda, Kannon, and gods of wealth so you can wish to be rich.

Eno-den, the local lovely train in Kamakura

Typical local food  in Kamakura for lunch :  Kamakura is famous for seafood but If you do not like, I can arrange other foods based on your request

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and Komachi street :  We will enjoy shopping at Komachi street. If you would like to stay longer for shopping after the tour, you can. If you feel enough for Kamakura, we can come back to Tokyo together.