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Sakura in Ueno Park

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Guests from Switzerland. Visited in Sep 2017. Guided by Ena.
Our tour with Ena was part of a Tokyo journey we won, so the tour was probably a little different then you might book it yourself. Besides classic sights we for example also had the opportunity to take part at a virtual reality experience.
As a real tokyoite Ena was the perfect guide for us – to show the well-known Tokyo sights but also places that are not recommended in the classic travel guides. With her experience abroad she is also the right person to explain specifics of Japanese culture, which sometimes were difficult for us to understand. With her good language skills, we highly recommend Ena to other travellers.
Guests from Mexico. Visited in Nov 2017. Guided by Ena.
Thank you again for the tour! It was perfect! Our Tokyo trip was AMAZING and a great part of that was because of you. Thank you so much for teaching us about your culture and giving too many interesting facts about the city. It’s always nice to know more about the world and the people who live in it. 
You didn’t only help us with the tour, you even were our personal translator for that day which was extremely helpful! We truly adore you.

Mike ★★★★★ Visited in Jan 2017. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

just finished a wonderful day with my guide Kaori. She exceeded my expectations & I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to see & get to know Tokyo. She was invaluable helping me find clients that were difficult to locate & visit with them. Her delightful personality & fluency with English make her a powerful business translator for any English-speaking person seeking to develop business in Tokyo. I look forward to returning to Tokyo soon & engaging her help in growing my Japanese client base.


JapanPhotoGuide ★★★★★ American Photographer who arranged various unique photo tours 

I’ve arranged for a few different travelers to Japan to spend some time with Kaori san around Tokyo and everyone always has the kindest things to say! Of course she knows about Tokyo and Japanese culture but also is very personable and can talk to adults and children alike. If weather is nice and depending on the itinerary, she may wear a kimono, which visitors always enjoy seeing. I’ve already looking forward to the next time to spend some time around Tokyo with Kaori san!


David ★★★★★ Visited in Dec 2016. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour.
We loved our tour with Kaori. She was knowledgeable, friendly and a wonderful guide. We felt quite at home walking around Tokyo with her, and would happily recommend her to others.


Valen J. ★★★★★ Visited in Nov 2016 from U.S. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour.

Kaori was an excellent guide. She was punctual and accommodating. She took my interests in mind and scheduled things that I wanted to see. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. When I come back with other family members we will be sure to schedule her again. If you schedule her I am sure you will have a great time learning about the history and highlights of Tokyo.

Kaminarimon gate of Sensoji temple

Shelly G. ★★★★ Visited in Oct 2016. Samurai City Kamakura Daytrip from Tokyo Private tour

Ellen C. ★★★★★ Visited in Oct 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Henriette S. ★★★★★ Visited in Oct 2016. Yokohama customized Private tour.

Susan H. ★★★★★ Visited in Sep 2016. 2 days Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori guided my husband and me for 2 days in what was our first trip to Japan. I had sent Kaori a list

of the sites recommend to me and she fit it all in including adding a great walk around a facinating

Owl cafe

residential area and we loved the 2 lunch places she chose for us. Kaori was very knowledgable, patient and thoughtful. Thank you for wonderful insite into Tokyo and Japan.


Lawrence W. ★★★★★ Visited in Sep 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori brings special talents to her tours that combine to make them very special. She has excellent spoken and written English skills, knows Tokyo very well, and brings her knowledge of art and history into the fold. My wife and I highly recommend her and couldn’t be happier with our wonderful tour. Many thanks Kaori. Well done!

Steve S. ★★★★★ Visited in Jul 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Taking Subway like locals

Once again, another fun and informative day with Kaori. I can’t say enough about this charming young lady. Expertise. Professionalism. Patience. A thorough knowledge of Japanese culture, history, and current events. She far exceeded my expectations. For example, Kaori knew that I am a huge Godzilla fan, and arranged a very special surprise for me that was the unexpected high point of my trip to Japan.

Steve S. ★★★★★ Visited in Jul 2016. Narita Pickup.

Kaori was friendly, knowledgeable, professional – and patient with me. I would give her ten stars if I could, and would recommend her without the slightest hesitation. I learned a great deal, about Japan in general and Tokyo in particular, in a short time. She is THE BEST!

Kaitlyn V.★★★★★ Visited in Jul 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori was such an awesome tour guide for our group of 10, including 3 children. She customized the

Trying tea ceremony

itinerary based on our family’s whimsical request to play video games at Akihabara and to take pictures in photo booths in Harajuku rather than the typical shrines and temples. The children adored her and the adults were pleased with her proficient English, young at heart personality and knowledge of Tokyo. She even wrote out specific routes for the subway to our favorite spots.

Azizulillau U.★★★★★ Visited in Jul 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Very cheerful person. We so happy to lead by her. Nice speech and communicate among us. We were glad to know her. Nice explanation, loud and clear. she’s so friendly and helpful person. She also know and bring us to the halal food since we are Muslim. Thumbs up!

Richard P. ★★★★ Visited in Jul 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Hamarikyu Garden

We found Kaori very friendly, informative and if a pleasant disposition . The only reason we did not rate 5 stars was the tour finished at 15.20 and we thought it was 16.oo. Kaori was planning to include the Hama-Riki gardens in our tour but we had already visited it. As far as we know she didn’t replace it with anything. We felt the trip round the Tsukiji Market was quite long maybe that was where she made up the time from the gardens. We had a nice experience and gained a lot of knowledge about Tokyo.

Making Maccha green tea experience

Kaori response: Hi Richard, thank you for the review and I am sorry I could not satisfy your needs. Based on your booking, the tour was 6 hours from 9:30 to 15:30. I added Nezu and Ueno area instead of Hamarikyu garden but I should have explained more when we discussed it at your hotel lobby. Thank you for joining my tour.



Lauren ★★★★★ Visited in July 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori was fabulous. Very easy going, calm and flexible. She was great with my girls! They enjoyed her company and she planned a day that was full of great sites and appropriate activities for three girls (ages 4, 9, and 11). We saw the Sky Tree, Asakusa and Ginza. She assisted us in renting kimonos for the girls and took us a a fabulous local spot for Japanese pancakes. It was a great day!

Shelley ★★★★★ Visited in June 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Meiji shrine

Kaori was a fabulous tour guide in telling us the history of each place we visited. I would recommend her to everyone looking for a tour in Tokyo.

Kenneth ★★★★★ Visited in June 2016. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour and One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

An very professional guide with an excellent command of the American language, very personable and will adapt tours to your needs and wants. Provided interesting facts about sights we visited as well as insights into Japanese life and culture. Helped us navigate the busy Tokyo metro with ease! Highly recommend her without hesitation and she will definitely enhance your visit to Tokyo. She made our visit very enjoyable and memorable. You will not regret using her!

Sakura at Sumida park

Shelley ★★★★★ Visited in June 2016. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour.

This review is for the Highlights of Tokyo tour provided by Kaori M. This tour went to Tsukiji Fish Market, Meiji Shrine and Harajuku, and ended in Asakusa in June 2016. Kaori listened to our requests to eat at a sushi restaurant in Tsukiji, go to Harajuku’s Disney Store and Calbee, and avoid stairs whenever possible. Kari shared with us us great information on the history and cultural importance of each stop. She provided us with an area map and highlighted department stores and places of interest.

Andrew ★★★★★ Visited in June 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Namiyoke Shrine in Tsukiji market

Excellent tour — Kaori took us to the fish market, the main shinto shrine, shopping to locals-only boutiques and then to an amazing ramen shop. We had such a great time, we considered booking Kaori for a night tour as well.

elissa f ★★★★ Visited in June 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

We spent the day with Kaori in Daikanyama and Yanaka – two totally different types of Tokyo neighborhoods, the first a really fun and beautiful shopping district with all high end stores and amazing restaurants and pedestrian areas to hang out, the second an old part of town with 100 year old Japanese homes and shrines and temples. We also walked through Ueno park, which was amazing and worth a trip if you have the time. Kaori was so sweet and thoughtful, polite and patient, very helpful with our cultural differences and questions about Japan. I wish I had been more prepared because her

Standing Sushi bar

guidance would have made more sense for a historical site where there’s very little English to explain the history, but she took us to two neighborhoods we wouldn’t have seen on our own and for a traditional Japanese kaiseki lunch where the food was amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to order otherwise.

Scott ★★★★★ Visited in May 2016. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour.

Kaori speaks great English, is knowledgeable, and easy going. A perfect introduction to Tokyo tour.

Amit ★★★★★ Visited in May 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Great experience and exploring Tokyo on our first trip. Kaori was extremely helpful in explaining us the history of various places. It was very caring of her to have taken advance research and efforts to ensure we got a great vegetarian meal!!!!! As well as her recommendations on shopping et al.


Tommy ★★★★★ Visited in April 2016. 1 day of Tokyo  and Kamakura Tour based on your requests Private tour.

We wanted to be shown the local Japan, where everyday Japanese see, and Kaori, delivered on this and more, taking us to several non touristy locations which were very very interesting. Then when we wanted to see Ueno’s pandas she took us there where we got some very cute pictures. We would strongly recommend Kaori to anyone wanting to see the real Japan.

Nadir ★★★★★ Visited in April 2016. 3 days of Tokyo  and Kamakura Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori is a calm, charming ambassador of Japan, punctual, with impeccable English, warm, welcoming manner, open and flexible style. She gave us a great introduction to Japanese culture, etiquette, language, the vibrant city of Tokyo, including shopping, and restaurants, as well as hints on public transit….well worth touring with her during your first few days in Tokyo to get your bearings and advice on what to do and how to get there. We will call upon her again when we return to Tokyo.

Ann ★★★★★ Visited in April 2016. 3 days of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori is very personable and was alert to my needs. I would recommend her as a tour guide 100%

Lena R ★★★★ Visited in April 2016. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori was a great guide. She picked us up at our apartment and took us all over the city via subway. She was careful to show us how to navigate the subway, get tickets, etc., which made the rest of our trip very easy. We wanted sushi, so she took us to a little place near the fish market, which was great. It was not a place we would have found on our own, and we enjoyed it. Kaori answered all our questions and shared with us interesting facts along the way. She speaks excellent English and is really kind and professional. We walked a ton, which I considered a good thing.

holesareus ★★★★★ Visited in April 2016.

“Great Ambassador of Tokyo”  Kaori is a calm, charming ambassador of Tokyo and Japan who gets 5 stars from our whole family, including our 14 and 16-year-old teenagers. She is punctual (like all Japanese we have met), her English is impeccable, her manner warm and welcoming, her style open and flexible. She is a font of knowledge on all things Japanese we had questions for her about. She gave us a great introduction to Japanese culture, etiquette, language and the vibrant modern city of Tokyo, including some great shopping venues, and restaurants in several Japanese cuisine styles, as well as handy hints on public transit….well worth touring with her during your first few days in Tokyo so you are veritable transit experts for the rest of your visit. She modified her tours to suit our coffee and shopping habits, and interests. She also helped us with some technology challenges as I dropped and broke my Blackberry in the fish market, and set us up for baseball and kabuki excursions. We will definitely call upon her during our next visit.

Ted ★★★★★ Visited in Mar 2016. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

We booked Kaori for 3 days. We have 2 young children ages 6 and 9 and a teenager, 13. Kaori planned out itineraries that all of our kids loved and also was fun for the parents. She is very knowledgeable about Tokyo and all it has to offer. We highly recommend Kaori as your guide to show you Tokyo.

Tamara ★★★★★ Visited in Mar 2016. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori is a wonderful guide. She is flexible and relaxed and she customized the exact tour that I wanted.

Serkan ★★★★★ Visited in Mar 2016. 2 days Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour and Kamakura Samurai City tour.

Kaori was a truly lovely so accommodating knowledgeable and fun guide. We spent wonderful 3 days in Tokyo and Kamakura with her. Conversation with her is very natural. It felt like I was traveling with a friend. She is also a great teacher, willing to take the time to help us learn the trains of Tokyo, draw us a map to find our way around for the days we spent without her and even thought us some words in Japanese. We were really sad when our tour was over.I would highly recommend her.

Jon ★★★★★ Visited in Mar 2016. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Loved the pace of the tour, it never dragged. My three sons thought it was fantastic.

Cassandra★★★★★ Visited in Feb 2016. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

An absolutely fabulous day. Our family (Miss 7 & Miss10) spent the day with Kaori, we covered so much ground and we would not have been able to see so many sights had we been on our own. Kaori was very informative, great English – and was able to answer any questions. We loved Tokyo and this was a stress free and informative way to experience a city and allowed us to enjoy family time exploring, learning new things and not worrying about how to find place. Thanks for helping make great memories !

Kayla★★★★★ Visited in Dec 2015. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour.

Kaori was a very pleasant tour guide. Her English was excellent so we never had any communication gaps. She knew the city and the history very well. She took us to some interesting places and a great restaurant for lunch. I would recommend Kaori and this company to anyone visiting Japan and Tokyo!

Samuel from U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in Dec 2015. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour.

I enjoyed my guide around Tokyo with Kaori… we went to a Meiji temple, visited Harajuku, and recommended a delicious udon restaurant. She showed me how to use the train system, which can be complicated for most people. Thanks to her for picking me up (and returning) at my Hotel near Haneda Airport, and so early in the morning. Very accommodating and flexible with more or less of what you like to see. Thanks Kaori, and will remember you next time I return to Japan. Sam ( San Francisco, CA )

Tristan from Canada ★★★★★ Visited in Dec 2015. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

I recently went to Tokyo for the first time and I was very fortunate to have Kaori as my guide. She was just great and it was like having a good friend introduce me to Tokyo and Japanese culture/history. Our conversations in english were excellent, relaxed and easy. I did a custom city tour so that I could hit some of the main spots but still be able to go with the flow. Kaori was awesome and I would highly recommend her to anyone going to Japan that wanted the experience to be all that more special.

Karla from U.S. ★★★★★  Visited in Oct 2015. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Kaori was wonderful. She agreed to customize my tour to take me to places I wanted to visit in Tokyo. She is delightful, personable, knowledable, informative and answered my many questions. As we used the trains and metro system to go places she explained where we were, the times and stations since I wanted to learn more about using them. I really enjoyed my tour and would ask for Kaori again the next time I am in Tokyo.

Anaruth from U.S. ★★★★★  Visited in Oct 2015. One day Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

It was a joy to spend the day with Kaori. She totally adjusted the schedule as the day progressed and helped us to see what we wanted, shop when we wanted,rest and eat when we needed and gain independence on the trains for the rest of our trip.

As stated in my previous comments after another day of touring, Kaori is a charming young woman with excellent command of the English language, a good knowledge of the places we wanted to visit, and a good sense of humor. She was considerate and kind, pacing our trip to our needs and energy levels and altering the itinerary to respond to our interests and suggestions.

Ronald from U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in Oct 2015. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour

First rate guide. Caring, helpful, and considerate. Lovely young woman with very good English language skills. Pleasure to travel with her. Flexible in adjusting her suggestions to our desires. Do not hesitate to book her when you visit Tokyo!

Barbara S  ★★★★★ Visited in Sep 2015. 2 days Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

We were lucky enough to spend 2 days with Kaori. a great guide, thoughtful, caring & very efficient.

Pablo from U.S. ★★★★★

Kaori was an excellent tour guide and made our life incredibly easy and fun. I am very grateful for her experience during our tour together.

William from U.S. ★★★★★  Visited in Sep 2015.
Very friendly and knowledgeable with perfect English. It was more like spending the day with as local friend. Highly recommended and will call again next trip! Thank you Kaori.
Jeffrey from  U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in Sep 2015. Kaori was a great tour guide and a perfect way for my wife and I to start our vacation in Tokyo. She picked us up directly at our hotel which was absolutely worth it (and she dropped us off too). Once we got on our journey she showed us how to use the Tokyo Subway, and took us around to all of the sites mentioned in the tour (Tsukiji market, Meiji Shrine, etc.). Her vast knowledge of history combined with her friendly personality and perfect english made our tour very enjoyable. It also allowed us to get a great feeling for Tokyo and we were able to craft the rest of our trip after knowing how to get around, and what the different sites offered. One suggestion would be to walk around Omotesando which is a great shopping district, we would not have known about it without Kaori.
Chi from U.S. ★★★★   Visited in Aug 2015. I was in Japan in August and booked with Kaori for 1 all day in Tokyo. She was very nice and helping us with getting the taxi and help my son with buying a toys in pokemon center. Her english was excellent. We have to shorten the tour, because my mother in-law was very tired because of the heat and her shoes was hurting her feet, but otherwise it was a great tour. Thank you Kaori for a great tour.
BornaTravelinMan from U.S. ★★★★★  Visited in July 2015.
Our family spent 2 days with Kaori touring Tokyo and Kamakura. She is amazing and I highly recommend her. I had previously contacted Kaori from the states. We met via Skype and then continued to exchange emails planning our 2 days together. All interactions were quick, friendly, and her ideas of what to do thoughtful. After we set the itinerary, Kaori sent a reminder email and notified me that she would be in the hotel lobby in a PINK jacket. Well, she was! After breakfast I walked out and she could not be missed. She was early and waiting for the crew. We crammed 2 tour days into 1 due to our travel schedule. Kaori was flexible and incredibly easy to work with. Her english is perfect and she is super fun. The kids introduced her to snap chat and now have a Japanese friend. Kaori was knowledgeable and provided answers to questions about the various sites. Day 2 was a trip to Kamakura and that was great too. She even had lunch planned at a tiny family operated sushi restaurant. Fresh and delicious sushi! I could go on and on. Our family truly loved spending time with Kaori and miss her. She is great and it should be clear to you that I strongly encourage you to use her for your Tokyo travel needs.

Poppy from Indonesia ★★★★★ Visited in July 2015. We only decided to book a tour guide at the very last minute , and Kaori was very prompt and helpful in her replies. After confirming our reservation, she went out of her way to accommodate our special request, which was to rent Yukata for the whole family and witness the Star Festival celebration which was on our first morning/afternoon in Tokyo. After finding out that there is no Yukata available for rent for our younger daughter, Kaori searched and found a shop that sells Yukata in her size, and offered us this option instead. All this was done prior to meeting us in the morning, and we are so happy she did all her preparation well in advance despite the SUPER short notice !! She also took us to have brunch at Tsukiji Fish Market and the kids loved everything (especially the Cod Fish and IKURA). During the day she patiently explained and guided us on the Tokyo Metro, which can be quite bewildering for first time tourists, and this really helped us a lot to navigate the subway on our own for the next 9 days. Overall, we are really satisfied with Kaori as our guide and would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends and families in the future. Arigato Gozaimasu Kaori

Todd from U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in June 2015.

Great guide, very knowledgeable and flexible. She showed me a great time in Tokyo. Great places to eat, shrines and nature just what I was looking for and more (from old town to fish market) Great dynamic tour of Tokyo experience thank you very much Kaori

Arnd from U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in April 2015. We had an amazing time, learning not only about the sites and history, but also about modern Japanese life. Our tour guide Kaori was insightful, entertaining, patient with our never-ending questions and kept things interesting throughout. Highly recommended!

Katharine from U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in April 2015.

We had the best day ever with Kaori as our guide! I was in Tokyo in April with a few co-workers and wanted to start off our trip with a private tour of some of the sights. I connected with Kaori and booked the custom itinerary tour. It was so easy to book the tour and then Kaori met us at our hotel to start the day. I had asked if she could take us on the metro so we could start to familiarize ourselves with it…it was so wonderful to have her guidance! We went to the fish market and then to Hamarikyu Gardens where we had a traditional tea experience. And then the highlight of the day was a delicious ramen lunch. We are still talking about that! We would never have known about the place if it was not for Kaori. We also went to the Meiji Shrine and then walked down Takeshita street to close out the day. I highly recommend Kaori – she made it so much easier to figure out the city and gave us so much information about what we were seeing. And she is a joy to be around! I hope you book a tour with her!

Linsay from U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in March 2015. Kaori was a fantastic guide – she really made seeing the sights of Tokyo laidback and enjoyable for our family, we talked for the rest of the trip about how great the day with her was. We packed a lot into one day but never felt rushed, we explored everything at our own pace – Meiji shrine (beautiful and peaceful), Harajuku (fun people watching and shopping), the Tsukiji fish market for an amazing sushi lunch and then Asakusa to see the ancient buddhist temple and booths. She was really helpful with all of our questions, about Japanese history, everyday life in Tokyo, and just all the general perplexing things you come across in Japan that you don’t see anywhere else in the world. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to get a custom and personal tour of Tokyo for a very reasonable price, and I’ll certainly be contacting her again the next time we visit!