Review and Photos

William from U.S. ★★★★★  Visited in Sep 2015.
Very friendly and knowledgeable with perfect English. It was more like spending the day with as local friend. Highly recommended and will call again next trip! Thank you Kaori.
Jeffrey from  U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in Sep 2015. Kaori was a great tour guide and a perfect way for my wife and I to start our vacation in Tokyo. She picked us up directly at our hotel which was absolutely worth it (and she dropped us off too). Once we got on our journey she showed us how to use the Tokyo Subway, and took us around to all of the sites mentioned in the tour (Tsukiji market, Meiji Shrine, etc.). Her vast knowledge of history combined with her friendly personality and perfect english made our tour very enjoyable. It also allowed us to get a great feeling for Tokyo and we were able to craft the rest of our trip after knowing how to get around, and what the different sites offered. One suggestion would be to walk around Omotesando which is a great shopping district, we would not have known about it without Kaori.
Chi from U.S. ★★★★   Visited in Aug 2015. I was in Japan in August and booked with Kaori for 1 all day in Tokyo. She was very nice and helping us with getting the taxi and help my son with buying a toys in pokemon center. Her english was excellent. We have to shorten the tour, because my mother in-law was very tired because of the heat and her shoes was hurting her feet, but otherwise it was a great tour. Thank you Kaori for a great tour.
BornaTravelinMan from U.S. ★★★★★  Visited in July 2015.
Our family spent 2 days with Kaori touring Tokyo and Kamakura. She is amazing and I highly recommend her. I had previously contacted Kaori from the states. We met via Skype and then continued to exchange emails planning our 2 days together. All interactions were quick, friendly, and her ideas of what to do thoughtful. After we set the itinerary, Kaori sent a reminder email and notified me that she would be in the hotel lobby in a PINK jacket. Well, she was! After breakfast I walked out and she could not be missed. She was early and waiting for the crew. We crammed 2 tour days into 1 due to our travel schedule. Kaori was flexible and incredibly easy to work with. Her english is perfect and she is super fun. The kids introduced her to snap chat and now have a Japanese friend. Kaori was knowledgeable and provided answers to questions about the various sites. Day 2 was a trip to Kamakura and that was great too. She even had lunch planned at a tiny family operated sushi restaurant. Fresh and delicious sushi! I could go on and on. Our family truly loved spending time with Kaori and miss her. She is great and it should be clear to you that I strongly encourage you to use her for your Tokyo travel needs.

Poppy from Indonesia ★★★★★ Visited in July 2015. We only decided to book a tour guide at the very last minute , and Kaori was very prompt and helpful in her replies. After confirming our reservation, she went out of her way to accommodate our special request, which was to rent Yukata for the whole family and witness the Star Festival celebration which was on our first morning/afternoon in Tokyo. After finding out that there is no Yukata available for rent for our younger daughter, Kaori searched and found a shop that sells Yukata in her size, and offered us this option instead. All this was done prior to meeting us in the morning, and we are so happy she did all her preparation well in advance despite the SUPER short notice !! She also took us to have brunch at Tsukiji Fish Market and the kids loved everything (especially the Cod Fish and IKURA). During the day she patiently explained and guided us on the Tokyo Metro, which can be quite bewildering for first time tourists, and this really helped us a lot to navigate the subway on our own for the next 9 days. Overall, we are really satisfied with Kaori as our guide and would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends and families in the future. Arigato Gozaimasu Kaori

Todd from U.S. ★★★★★ Visited in June 2015.

Great guide, very knowledgeable and flexible. She showed me a great time in Tokyo. Great places to eat, shrines and nature just what I was looking for and more (from old town to fish market) Great dynamic tour of Tokyo experience thank you very much Kaori