Review and Photos

Guests from Switzerland. Visited in Sep 2017. Guided by Ena.
Our tour with Ena was part of a Tokyo journey we won, so the tour was probably a little different then you might book it yourself. Besides classic sights we for example also had the opportunity to take part at a virtual reality experience.
As a real tokyoite Ena was the perfect guide for us – to show the well-known Tokyo sights but also places that are not recommended in the classic travel guides. With her experience abroad she is also the right person to explain specifics of Japanese culture, which sometimes were difficult for us to understand. With her good language skills, we highly recommend Ena to other travellers.
Guests from Mexico. Visited in Nov 2017. Guided by Ena.
Thank you again for the tour! It was perfect! Our Tokyo trip was AMAZING and a great part of that was because of you. Thank you so much for teaching us about your culture and giving too many interesting facts about the city. It’s always nice to know more about the world and the people who live in it. 
You didn’t only help us with the tour, you even were our personal translator for that day which was extremely helpful! We truly adore you.

Mike ★★★★★ Visited in Jan 2017. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

just finished a wonderful day with my guide Kaori. She exceeded my expectations & I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to see & get to know Tokyo. She was invaluable helping me find clients that were difficult to locate & visit with them. Her delightful personality & fluency with English make her a powerful business translator for any English-speaking person seeking to develop business in Tokyo. I look forward to returning to Tokyo soon & engaging her help in growing my Japanese client base.