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Kenneth ★★★★★ Visited in June 2016. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour and One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

An very professional guide with an excellent command of the American language, very personable and will adapt tours to your needs and wants. Provided interesting facts about sights we visited as well as insights into Japanese life and culture. Helped us navigate the busy Tokyo metro with ease! Highly recommend her without hesitation and she will definitely enhance your visit to Tokyo. She made our visit very enjoyable and memorable. You will not regret using her!

Sakura at Sumida park

Shelley ★★★★★ Visited in June 2016. Hightlights of Tokyo in 1 day Private tour.

This review is for the Highlights of Tokyo tour provided by Kaori M. This tour went to Tsukiji Fish Market, Meiji Shrine and Harajuku, and ended in Asakusa in June 2016. Kaori listened to our requests to eat at a sushi restaurant in Tsukiji, go to Harajuku’s Disney Store and Calbee, and avoid stairs whenever possible. Kari shared with us us great information on the history and cultural importance of each stop. She provided us with an area map and highlighted department stores and places of interest.

Andrew ★★★★★ Visited in June 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

Namiyoke Shrine in Tsukiji market

Excellent tour — Kaori took us to the fish market, the main shinto shrine, shopping to locals-only boutiques and then to an amazing ramen shop. We had such a great time, we considered booking Kaori for a night tour as well.

elissa f ★★★★ Visited in June 2016. One day of Tokyo Tour based on your requests Private tour.

We spent the day with Kaori in Daikanyama and Yanaka – two totally different types of Tokyo neighborhoods, the first a really fun and beautiful shopping district with all high end stores and amazing restaurants and pedestrian areas to hang out, the second an old part of town with 100 year old Japanese homes and shrines and temples. We also walked through Ueno park, which was amazing and worth a trip if you have the time. Kaori was so sweet and thoughtful, polite and patient, very helpful with our cultural differences and questions about Japan. I wish I had been more prepared because her

Standing Sushi bar

guidance would have made more sense for a historical site where there’s very little English to explain the history, but she took us to two neighborhoods we wouldn’t have seen on our own and for a traditional Japanese kaiseki lunch where the food was amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to order otherwise.