Itinerary Planning with Skype Chat

It is a travel consulting service by a tour guide Kaori via Skype to plan your Japan trip.

Why I started my itinerary planning services

Kaori Mizuno

My service aims to make you save your time while planning and organizing your trip and find the right way to do what you would like to do.

As a professional private guide, I met thousands of travelers and most of them planed their Japan trips by themselves. They booked their flights, accommodations, and a private guide(me) by themselves, search things to do and transportations, and make their own itineraries, however, many of them had spent looong time to do that and had many difficulties. It happened many time that there were no English website or they could not communicate on phone call in English. Many websites show information about Japan but they are sometimes not enough, too old, or not fit to their itineraries.

So I started to do a Skype chat service to help independent travelers planning trips in Japan. By using this service, you can save your time and get the latest information from a local guide.


How it works

There are three types of travel planning help. Please choose one and send me a request from the contact form below. Kaori will reply you within 1 working day with a Paypal invoice. Once you pay via Paypal or Credit card, the service is confirmed and we are ready to talk!

1. 30 minutes Skype talk + up to 2 follow-up via email

It is good if you have already planned a basic itinerary and have something you cannot figure out by yourself or want to make sure your itinerary works. If you do not plan anything yet and just want to know basic information about Japan, it can also help to plan where and when to visit.

 Fee: 5,000JPY (about 44USD, 42EURO)   (Upfront Payment via paypal or credit card).


2. 1 hour Skype talk + up to 3 follow-up

This is the most popular plan. Skype talk will helps me a clear picture of your wishes/needs and to discuss with you suitable itinerary proposals. If you already book flights and make some lists they would like to do,  I will advise you the best way for you to travel between cities or how to do things on your lists. If you have no idea about your trip but just want to come, I will explain which season is suitable for you, characteristics of each destination, where to go, how many days you need, etc.

e.g. “When is the best time to visit or when should I avoid?” “”Should I stay in Hakone or not?” “Where to see non-touristy small local town?” “How to book a dinner with Maiko(geisha)?” “How to see Kabuki traditional stage?” “Where to experience real tea ceremony and how to book it?” “How to visit Snow Monkey?”

 Fee: 9,000JPY (about 79USD, 75EURO)   (Upfront Payment via paypal or credit card).


3. 1 hour Skype talk + making itinerary + up to 5 follow-up email

The Skype talk is same as plan2 but I will make your itinerary while we are talking. After the payment,  I will share a itinerary format on google document with you and you add things you already decide (or I can also do it during the chat). During the Skype chat, I add informations like where to go, train time schedules, each fees, instructions etc based on your requests. After you finish the chat, you do not need to organize information again. It is all on the itinerary sheet.

e.g.”I have 5 days in Japan. Please plan an itinerary outline and transportations and add recommended local experiences.” “Please advise us which trains we should get between cities and luggage transfer services since we do not want to carry them.”

 Fee: 12,000JPY (about 105USD, 100EURO)   (Upfront Payment via paypal or credit card).


To book cultural activities, please check HERE

To book transportations, please check HERE (our partner travel agency arranges this).

What you don’t get with my services

I don’t book accommodations or flights. I am not willing to recommend specific accommodations because there are lots of information already on websites and they are basically useful enough because they actually stayed there and I do not. I do advise which area is convenient or what type of accommodations are suitable for you. I do not book restaurants except a case our guides bring you there or special lunch/dinner which needs your credit card information for confirmation. I would like to help you but some people asked me to book and did not show up. It affects a lot to the reliability between restaurants and me. Thank you for your understanding.


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