How to see Sumo matches besides official tournaments

Dance of the Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo is one of the “Must See” things if you come all the way to Japan and many of my guests ask me about it. There are 6 Grand tournaments in a year and it is sometimes difficult for tourists to meet the schedule. Oh, don’t need to be disappointed! There are some other opportunities for you to watch Sumo matches!

I recommend you to check the schedule below if you have any match during your stay. The list is for 2016  but basic schedule is same in every year.

Photo by Edward Dalmulder

Author : Kaori M, Certified Tour Guide. (Customer Reviews here)

Annual Schedule of tournaments and events you can see Sumo matches.

(Updated in Feb 9th 2016)


January 10th – 24th. 2016. Grand Tournament in Tokyo

Place: Kokugikan

Advanced Tickets are sold from December 5th 2015 


March 8th – 22nd. 2016. Grand Tournament in Osaka

Place: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium(BODYMAKER COLOSSEUM)

Advanced Tickets are sold from Feb 7th



April 3rd – 20th 2016. Spring tour

April 3 Sun. Ise Shrine Honozumo(ceremonial tournament held in the shine’s precincts) Mie Prefecture

April 4 Mon. Iga Mie Prefecture
April 5 Tue. Izumisano Osaka Prefecture
April 6 Wed. Okazaki Aichi Prefecture
April 7 Thu. Matsumoto Nagano Prefecture
April 8 Fri. Tatebayashi Gunma Prefecture
April 9 Sat. Fujisawa Kanagawa Prefecture
April 10 Sun. Shizuoka Shizuoka Prefecture
April 12 Tue. Tsukuba Ibaraki Prefecture
April 13 Wed. Kawasaki Kanagawa Prefecture
April 14 Thu. Machida Tokyo Prefecture
April 16 Sat. Takasaki Gunma Prefecture
April 17 Sun. Kawaguchi Saitama Prefecture
April 18 Mon. Yasukuni Shrine Honozumo(ceremonial tournament held in the shrine’s precincts) Tokyo Prefecture
April 19 Tue. Saku Nagano Prefecture
April 20 Wed. Toyama Toyama Prefecture


May  8th – 22nd. 2016. Grand Tournament in Tokyo

Place: Kokugikan

Advanced Tickets are sold from April 9th


July  10th – 24th. 2016. Grand Tournament in Nagoya

Place: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium

Advanced Tickets are sold from May 27th


August  2016. Summer tour outside of Tokyo

Not announced yet

Photos: Summer Tour Photos



September 11th – 25th. 2016. Grand Tournament in Tokyo

Place: Kokugikan in Tokyo

Advanced Tickets are sold from August 6th


November 13th – 27th. 2016. Grand Tournament in Fukuoka

Place: Fukuoka Kokusai Center

Advanced Tickets are sold from October 31st



kaori.mizuno.rAuthor : Kaori Mizuno, Certified tour guide

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